Whitstable Yoga Classes

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Yoga is a dance between control and surrender – Joel Kramer

The following are a list of yoga classes that I have tried in Whitstable.  I’ve actually practiced yoga for over 8 years and have considered doing the teacher training myself.  Unfortunately I don’t think it would pay the bills, I’m a bit to keen on all the shops on Whitstable’s independent high street and the odd flutter in London.

Yoga Wellbeing

Yoga Wellbeing offers bespoke yoga classes in Whitstable , primarily focusing on private sessions they can also setup and run group sessions for workplaces or groups of friends who want a more exclusive yoga experience.

Laura Watson has been my teacher for over a year, she champions ‘yoga for everybody’ which is great for me as I certainly cannot get my foot behind my head.  She also provides and has composed some beautiful meditation music if you like that kind of thing and even gave me a free mat.  It was a gift to celebrate 6 months at class!

Location: yoga classes are delivered at The Retreat, Station Road, Whitstable, CT5 1LG.  They can also be delivered at your house or place of work, as well as online.  Yep, they offer Skype yoga sessions!

Price: £60 p/h for private classes, block booking discounts available, affordable groups prices available.

Contact: https://www.yogawellbeing.co.uk

Yoga with Emma Slade

Note: Emma is not currently seeking new students, but I believe that she does referrals

Emma has been teaching yoga for over a decade and in that time has experienced and taught many aspects of the practice. Since 2012 she has deepened her understanding of the relationship between yoga and Buddhism by being ordained as a Buddhist nun with the monastic name Ani Pema Deki.  She has also founded her own charitable organisation supporting sustainable development in Bhutan

Emma teaches many individuals on a one to one basis, for people who do not yet feel comfortable to practice in a group situation this works well.  It can also be the best way if you are in need of specific help with your practice (Emma teaches a number of yoga teachers) or have a specific medical issue such as a weak back which needs strengthening.

Location: yoga classes are delivered at Emma’s place in Clare Road.

Price: £10 per person

Contact: http://www.whitstableyoga.co.uk/